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How Microsoft’s AI innovations will change your life (Microsoft Keynote Key Moments)

Power Platform enhancements

Microsoft Build 2023, the annual developer conference, kicked off on Tuesday with a keynote by CEO Satya Nadella. The tech giant announced a series of AI updates that will make its products and services smarter, more intuitive and more ubiquitous.

Here are some of the key moments from the keynote and what they mean for normal people like you and me.

Windows Copilot: Your personal AI assistant

Nadella announced Windows Copilot and Microsoft Fabric, two new products that bring AI assistance to Windows 11 users and data analytics for the era of AI, respectively.

Windows Copilot is a feature that allows users to access centralized AI assistance through a button on the taskbar. Users can ask questions, get answers, and perform complex actions using natural language. Windows Copilot is powered by ChatGPT, Microsoft’s breakthrough AI technology that can generate natural language from any input.

Microsoft Fabric is a product that combines Microsoft’s data analytics tools like Power BI, Azure Synapse Analytics, and Azure Data Factory into a single SaaS product offering. Microsoft Fabric is built around the data fabric concept, which blends modern trends like data lakes, the delta store and parquet file formats, presented behind a standard set of APIs. Microsoft Fabric also leverages ChatGPT to provide natural language query and generation capabilities.

Windows Copilot and Microsoft Fabric are designed to make AI accessible and useful for everyone. Whether you are a Windows user or a data analyst, you can benefit from these products and enhance your productivity and creativity.

Microsoft Places and Microsoft Designer: Immersive and interactive experiences

Nadella unveiled Microsoft Places and Microsoft Designer, two new features that leverage AI to create immersive and interactive experiences for users in Microsoft 365 apps.

Microsoft Places is a feature that allows users to create virtual spaces that represent real-world locations in Microsoft Teams. Users can customize their places with 3D models, images, videos, sounds, and more. Users can also invite other users to join their places and collaborate with them in real-time.

Microsoft Designer is a feature that allows users to create stunning presentations in PowerPoint with the help of AI. Users can simply enter their content and let the Designer generate beautiful slides with layouts, themes, icons, images, animations, and more. Designer can also suggest relevant content based on the user’s topic and audience.

Microsoft Places and Microsoft Designer are examples of how AI can enhance user experiences in Microsoft 365 apps. They will enable users to create immersive and interactive spaces and presentations that can captivate their audiences and convey their messages effectively.

Power Platform enhancements: No-code solutions

Nadella highlighted Power Platform enhancements that enable users to turn low-code into no-code with AI-powered tools and integrations.

Power Platform is Microsoft’s low-code platform that allows users to build apps, automate workflows, analyze data, and chat with bots using simple drag-and-drop interfaces. Power Platform consists of four main components: Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, and Power Virtual Agents.

Nadella announced that Power Platform is getting new features that will make it even easier for users to create no-code solutions. For example, Power Apps will have a new feature called App Ideas that will allow users to create apps by simply describing what they want in natural language.

Power Automate will have a new feature called Process Advisor that will allow users to discover and optimize their business processes using AI. Power BI will have a new feature called Smart Narratives that will allow users to generate insights from their data using natural language.

Power Virtual Agents will have a new feature called Bot Framework Composer that will allow users to create conversational bots using graphical interfaces.

Power Platform enhancements are aimed at empowering users to create no-code solutions with the help of AI. They will enable users to solve their business problems without writing any code or relying on developers.


Microsoft’s vision is to make AI accessible and useful for everyone. By integrating ChatGPT into its products and services, Microsoft is creating a seamless and intelligent experience for users across devices and platforms.

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