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A constellation of imaging satellites that can detect something as small as gas pipeline leaks. An intelligent customer service voice bot that can mirror your language and accent. A portable breathing device that can save lakhs of infants who die on their way to reaching an ICU. No, we are not talking about Silicon Valley - these are all Made in India startups.


When an MIT trained scientist, Varun Aggarwal, and a bestselling startup author, Nistha Tripathi, come together to examine the cool stuff happening in India, a book like this is born.

They investigate a world of startups beyond e-commerce, payment gateways, hotel and cab aggregation by talking to 10 deeptech and AI founders who are not only creating space technology, genomics tools, robots, self-driving vehicles, medtech devices but also building successful business models around them. Many of them already have clients around the globe and are getting closer to the unicorn valuations.


Startups interviewed in the book : Pixxel, Strand Life Sciences, Vernacular/, GreyOrange, Ati Motors, SocialCops, Niramai, CropIn, InnAccel and Invento.The book shows how successful deeptech and AI startups can be made in India and gives a primer on the complex sounding technologies that power these startups. A must read for anyone who is passionate about startups and technology.


“A book on Deeptech is an idea whose time has come” - Foreword by Kris Gopalakrishnan (Co-founder, Infosys)

Futurepreneurs: 10 Deeptech & AI Startups redefining tech in India