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My Story

Hi! I’m Sigmotron

Let me tell you an interesting story. I remember it was around the time when the first mass public AI hit piece ChatGPT was launched. My friend introduced me to this really impressive tool named 'Midjourney' and it instantly blew my mind. Later on, I find about Chat and I interact with it.


I couldn't sleep that night.

I had my first few sleepless nights because of artificial intelligence. I could get my head around what I was experiencing. This felt like the most significant moment in the history of mankind. We've always had tools we created for ourselves but never ever did we create a tool that could improve itself. Now do not get me wrong, Ai isn't there yet but there definitely is a possibility now, more than ever. This inspired me to get into the world of artificial intelligence and be a part of an adventure. A Revolution.

My name is Sanyu Dsouza and I create this website for people like me who share my enthusiasm and thrill. Who wants to enter this world of endless opportunities. Who want to equip themselves with knowledge and unite with a community of people who share a grand vision for the future of humanity.

Join me, folks. Let's navigate this era together.


Kindly Leave me a message if you share my views and for feedback.

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